Strategic Marketing

Gruber Phillips provides a lively component to our clients’ marketing strategies and functions as a seamless extension of their operations.

We assist in identifying the best targets

to market to and offer suggestions of where

and when to incorporate our direct activity.

  In addition to fulfilling a behind-the-scenes research function, we are the voice of our clients, not only identifying the correct people at targeted organizations and extracting pertinent information, but also presenting our clients’ services and products to relevant decision-makers, often for the very first time.

Acting as the ‘front-line’ we introduce ourselves as ‘the client’. Our team’s professionalism

and comfort level in communicating directly with

top level executives has earned us our clients’ confidence to represent them this way. They entrust in us the engagement of their prospects in meaningful, productive conversations as a means of initiating their business relationships.

     Strategies are custom-developed, and so our activity may be incorporated prior, in-between, or following any correspondence our clients furnish to their prospects. Sometimes, depending on the program’s objectives, we work ‘solo’ without any other marketing components in the mix. Every initiative has its own personality.