Corporate Profile Research

Gruber Phillips, in direct conversation with decision-makers, elicits and documents the most updated information about companies, such as who is currently on the decision-making team that’s relevant to our client’s services or products, the anticipated time-frame for any project or investment, the scope of the project or investment, the type of project it will be, which of our client’s competitors they may be speaking to already about their project, what incentives may be necessary to attract the prospect to our client, specific requirements the prospect may have in order to close the deal, any relevant projects the company has completed recently, what they perceive their strongest markets to be currently and who they are looking to reach.

Gruber Phillips confirms current scenarios while also engaging in discussion of the companies’ growth strategies and documents each firm’s strategic corporate development plans whenever shared.

Basic corporate information also is verified, such as the structure of the company, current ownership, size of the company, annual sales, number of locations, the type of operation each location represents and where they are located. Much of this data is accessible via Internet resources, but Gruber Phillips verifies the most up-to-date statistics while speaking with individuals at the firm, which means the data provided is the most current.