Prospect Identification

Gruber Phillips engages high-level executives in meaningful conversation, learns their vision for their organization and their industry and determines if the company is a viable prospect for our client.

Not all contacts will be viable prospects, but most can provide valuable insight into their industry or geographic region or market, and for this reason, Gruber Phillips listens closely and documents all that is shared in order to supply fresh and relevant information that will enhance the ongoing development of our clients' strategic marketing plans.

Gruber Phillips gauges the potential of the decision-maker pursuing a project with our client and we present our client's services or products and discuss specifically how a relationship with our client will benefit their firm.

Comprehensive information about the prospect company, the decision-makers, their needs and their goals is carefully noted, including the nuances of the individuals to whom we speak, thereby fully preparing our client for their initial contact.

If our client wishes, we schedule that introductory meeting for them and often coordinate week-long trip itineraries for strategic marketing missions. 

Whether scheduling meetings, developing prospect lists or conducting general market research, Gruber Phillips delivers accurate and significant corporate intelligence that positions our clients to succeed.